The power of staging and selling with Unique Property Staging & Sales

“When buyers fall in love with a home, then price becomes secondary” ~ Monique Odmark 2018

Staging creates the emotional connection that primes a property for sale.

It is the falling in love with the look and feel of the house that combined with the practical features of location, layout and features creates the offer from the buyer. No one is more able to sell a house that will suit a buyer than the team that stages your house for you. They understand each room, they understand the lighting, the ambience the strengths and feel that each room can create.

They have spent days upon days planning and installing and rearranging each room to perfection. Unlike agents who scan the property and oversee a few photos the Unique Staging team have lived and breathed your house for weeks in the design preparation and installation stage.

With over 1000 property sales so far, the Unique Property Staging team of Monique and James live and breathe sales

“Staging creates the emotional connection for the buyers to imagine the property as their new home” ~ Monique Odmark 2020

With $30,000+ in designer furnishings installed into your home the Unique Property Staging team is also investing in the successful sale of your home as well as selling it for you.

The results of combining both Unique Property Staging and Sales are powerful. Results include speed to contract, multiple competing offers, successful valuations to meet finance, a contemporary designer flair to widen the market appeal and a reduction in cosmetic upgrades needed to the property. And importantly with the house staged for sale the buyer is able to visualise themselves living in their new home.


So successful is the combination of Unique Property Staging and Sales that we offer reduced package costs. We also give free extensions to the rental period because we know and see the power of the combined strategy repeatedly.

The numbers show the power of staging and sales with reduced time on market and higher achieved prices in nearly all cases.

We know it works because we do it every day. Ask us how much you can save on our Staging and Sales package and the power of this emotional connection to achieve your DREAM price.

If you’re thinking of staging and selling – Think Unique

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About Monique
The leading property stager in Cairns

Monique’s first staging job was for a property in Mount Sheridan. This house had been on the market for 12 months with one dismal low offer. After completely refreshing the furniture and décor and relaunching the house with new photography the property sold within 7 days, cash unconditional, at a price $35,000 more than the original offer.

Don't let your property just sit on the market
Give it the best chance to sell with unique property staging
With our extensive range of on trend furniture and furnishings we make each property stand out from the crowd.
We offer free, no obligation on site consultations, providing a tailored assessment.
We arrange delivery and set up, including hanging artwork and mirrors.
We offer 6 week hire packages with flexible & affordable extensions if required. Collection at the end of the hire period, or if sold earlier.
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