What Is Property Staging?
Each space is different and requires an individualised approach to capturing its best features

When you decide to engage Monique from Unique Property Staging you get her proven expertise to see the best way to make an emotional connection between the buyers and your property. She can visualise beyond the bare bones of the property and create an amazing transformation. Whether your home is empty, rented to tenants or looking tired none of these hurdles are a problem. There is always a pathway to create amazing spaces and an emotional connection from Unique Staging with your potential buyers.

All properties have something special and we focus on bringing those special spaces to life to create amazing spaces that lead to that important emotional connection.

With property staging there are always challenges. Each space is different and requires an individualised approach to capturing its best features. Whether these challenges be the size, the age, the property type, the condition, older décor or lighting, every place is different, but they can all be enhanced by Unique Staging.

Family Room & Lounge Rooms

Did you know that the family and lounge rooms were regarded as the No 1 most important room of the house to stage according to a recent Staging Survey? So, the challenge for this room is to make buyers feel that the family room could be their own room. At Unique Staging we focus on making this space as welcoming as possible with attractive furnishings, soft textures, plenty of light and mirrors, lamps, inspirational art and amazing feature pieces. We want buyers to move in mentally into their new family room and we achieve this by creating an amazing space set out in the way to appeal to the majority of buyers for your property.

Colours And Textures

Adding colour or textures throughout the home helps to brighten up each room and widen its visual space. Using different textures and colour palettes through-out the home makes the home feel intimate and warm, but it also adds that touch of elegance and chic.


Master Bedroom

This is the number 2 most important room of the entire house according to buyers in the recent Staging Survey. Working with a large, medium or small Master Bedroom, every bedroom has something to offer. Whether it’s a large window, lots of wall space, a sky light, carpeted or tiled floors, we find that special ingredient and enhance it to show off the wow factor of your Master Bedroom. We strive to make the bedroom cosy so that the potential buyer can visualise themselves in that space, having coffee, or overlooking the view on the newly staged seating area, doing their make-up station surrounded by beautiful art or simply floating in the new soft furnishings and bedding.

Multi Use Rooms & Home Office

Whether it’s a home office, theatre room, study nook or guest room most houses have some special spaces. We will dress these spaces in the most gender neutral, and nonspecific way so that buyers can individualise those spaces.

Every family dynamic is different, and some families need a study, others a home office, others an art or guest room; so, we stage these rooms to make the possibilities endless for buyers.

We want buyers to personalise and imagine these rooms can suit their individual and different needs.


Did you know that over a third of the population cannot accurately gauge empty spaces? At Unique we take away the stress and confusion that an empty bedroom looks too small or a buyer’s furniture won’t fit into the new home.

By filling the spaces with real life furniture buyers are able to get context and proportion and this removes the anxiety of space and uncertainty of scale. As obstacles are removed from the buyers mind they draw closer to making a positive decision about buying the property.

The Kitchen

When staging a kitchen, we use high-end materials to make your glass splashback, granite benchtops, high ceilings or stainless-steel appliances really pop and compliment the space that already exists, whilst still targeting the neutral themes to attract the widest buyer market possible. To warm up the kitchen space to make buyers see themselves in here and cooking and entertaining, we use faux fruit and plants, cookbooks and accessories. By adding these simple things such as monochromic décor, coffee and sugar tins, open paged cookbooks we draw in your buyers’ feelings and adding emotional connection with the space.


Starting with the obvious task of decluttering we also create a Spa like feel in the bathroom areas including essential items such as beautiful towels, bowls and soaps to non- essential items such as candles or dressing gowns.

We aim to make every bathroom feel spring ready, no matter what time of year. Clean and fresh bathrooms with a spring theme is a winner with buyers. By placing clean white bath and hand towels and fresh scents in the room we give it that day spa vibe.

Download the 2019 Profile of Home Staging report below;

About Monique
The leading property stager in Cairns

Monique’s first staging job was for a property in Mount Sheridan. This house had been on the market for 12 months with one dismal low offer. After completely refreshing the furniture and décor and relaunching the house with new photography the property sold within 7 days, cash unconditional, at a price $35,000 more than the original offer.

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